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New Drive Technology Center opened in Istanbul

SEW-EURODRIVE has reached a milestone in Turkey: On June 15, 2012, the new Drive Technology Center (DTC) in Gebze near Istanbul was inaugurated.

13,800 cubic meters of concrete and 1,300 tons of steel were used in the construction of the futuristic building, which has a total floor space of 74,375 square meters. 10,880 square meters thereof are taken up by the new assembly area and offices, which now also provides room for customer training and in-house further training of staff.


outside view
The new assembly and service facilities will allow us to serve the Turkish market even better and more comprehensively in the future. They will also facilitate increased exports to neighboring countries.

The portfolio of the Drive Technology Center in Gebze includes:

This local range of services will strengthen and further develop SEW-EURODRIVE's position in the Middle East in the long term.



inside view
outside view