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Beverage industry

Innovative drive and automation solutions
for the beverage industry


Particularly the beverage industry has special requirements on machines, systems and equipment. This is the reason why drive technology components in the beverage industry have to be robust, durable and able to withstand high torque loads.

In order for production systems in the beverage industry to be adapted to work with new processes, batches and manufacturing programs, a modular design is essential. Flexible responses to seasonal peak periods or fast batch changes offer a real competitive advantage in the food and beverage industry.

The comprehensive modular system of drive components, the scalable drive solutions of the VARIOLUTION® packages as well as the individual MAXOLUTION® system solutions from SEW-EURODRIVE make this flexibility possible.


SEW-EURODRIVE drive technology sets things in motion, for example:

Conveyors for dry areas       Palletizers       Conveyors for wet areas

Labeler       Bottle and crate washing machine

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