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Electric mobility: Charging technology

Re-charging energy: anywhere and anytime

The small batteries of electric vehicles can be re-charged in portions. By induction. Without cables, plugs, or long waiting times.

Wherever an electric vehicle stops, it is re-charged. In company parking lots, in parking garages, public service stations, park & ride facilities, and even at traffic lights: The vehicle stops above an induction plate that is embedded in the road surface or a charging mat installed on the road surface.

The battery is charged without contact. Each stop provides new energy for mobility.

[1] Fahrzeug hält über Induktionszone[2] Energieeinspeisegerät erkennt den Ladestand der Fahrzeugbatterie[3] Batterie wird so lange aufgeladen, bis sie voll ist[4] Batterie wird so lange aufgeladen, bis das Fahrzeug weiterfährt

[1] Vehicle stops above induction zone
[2] The energy supply unit detects the charging status of the vehicle battery
[3] The battery is charged until it is full
[4] The battery is charged until the vehicle moves on

City bikes with integrated electric mobility

City-Bikes mit eingebauter Electric mobilityAlso city bikes with integrated electric mobility are becoming more and more popular: They save your energy, extend your range and are a real environmentally friendly alternative to cars, in particular in the city.

The "pedal-electric cycle" is a city bike with a motor that supports the cyclist and reduces the effort needed for pedaling.

At SEW-EURODRIVE, the pedelec battery is charged without contact via the bicycle kickstand. A charging mat embedded in the floor generates the necessary energy field. It can be installed at rent-a-bike stations, train stations, company parking lots, or in bicycle parking garages. Safe and reliable.

Operating principle of inductive energy charging for electric vehicles