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MAXOLUTION® system solutions

FlächenportalMAXOLUTION® system solutions for panel gantries

Robots represent a huge potential to increase the efficiency of logistics centers. The applications are typically related to commissioning, i.e. palletizing, depalletizing and sorting. Currently, however, systems are usually only available as expensive special solutions with a classic segment structure that require a lot of effort to be adapted to customer requirements. Modularized and standardized gantry robot components in conjunction with new application strategies and planning procedures can significantly increase the efficiency of panel gantries. This is what SEW-EURODRIVE achieves with innovative and reliable products, standardized software modules and a consistent hardware concept.

QuerverschiebewagenMAXOLUTION® system solutions for transverse carriages

A transverse carriage is used for materials handling for incoming goods and around the commissioning stations. The transverse carriages equipped with drive and automation technology from SEW-EURODRIVE represent many benefits: They have a very compact size and are highly reliable. Due to the decentralized MOVIPRO® drive and positioning controller, the transverse carriage can be designed much more compact in size than with conventional control cabinet technology. The energy transfer is contactless and thus wear-free and unaffected by environmental conditions.

Fahrerlose TransportsystemeMAXOLUTION® system solutions for
automated guided vehicles

MAXOLUTION® system solutions for inductive track-guided AGV

Nowadays, automated guided vehicle systems (AGV) are used for assembly lines and transport processes in many industry sectors. AGVs automate the in-house material flow or form the basis for flexible assembly processes. Their key advantages over other automated logistics systems are their high degree of flexibility, no obstruction of floor space, standardization, and a high degree of efficiency. The SEW-EURODRIVE portfolio for inductive track-guided AGV comprises many system features. It benefits from the drive specialist's modular technology system with the contactless MOVITRANS® energy transfer and contactless communication as well as a selection of standardized positioning options that can easily be parameterized and visualized via the parameterizable MOVIVISION® plant software.

Hybrid-FTSMAXOLUTION® system solutions for hybrid AGV

The Hybrid AGV with technology from SEW-EURODRIVE combines the benefits from the inductive MOVITRANS® energy transfer with the degrees of protection from a buffered system with an energy buffer. This allows you to flexibly and inexpensively implement branch lines. Once a vehicle returns from a branch line, it is supplied via the energy track and the buffer battery is recharged. Hybrid AGVs with SEW-EURODRIVE technology represent various user benefits:

The MAXOLUTION® system solutions for AGV from SEW-EURODRIVE allow for variable and efficient automated guided vehicle systems that control the internal flow of materials self-sufficiently and significantly contribute to increasing the efficiency.

ElektrohängebahnMAXOLUTION® system solutions for overhead
trolley systems (OTS)

The installation of a classical overhead trolley system requires extensive and complex technical equipment. Often, components are not specifically matched to each other. This is why these systems can be time-consuming and cost-intensive in the planning phase, and require a lot of maintenance during operation. The two-stage function class concept from SEW-EURODRIVE represents an alternative: intelligent or modular overhead trolley systems that meet the increased economic requirements. Your advantages with drive technology from SEW-EURODRIVE: Simple startup and operation, increased safety and flexibility, and above all reduced costs for installation and operation.

Depending on the sector, however, the weight of the load to be transported may vary, for example. This weight as well as the track properties, e. g. incline, decline determine the load requirement for the used OTS. This is the reason why SEW-EURODRIVE offers two function classes of the MAXOLUTION® system solution for OTS: Light and heavy duty OTS.

Schubskid-AnlageMAXOLUTION® system solutions for skillet conveyor systems

The skillet conveyor system is a combination of connected skillets that move to ergonomic heights during car assembly processes. Each skillet is equipped with a lift table, to which power is supplied via contactless energy transfer, for example. The standardized components from SEW-EURODRIVE ensure a high plant availability.

SchaltschrankMAXOLUTION® system options
Control cabinet

The MAXOLUTION® system options from SEW-EURODRIVE comprise project-specific control cabinet concepts and control cabinets that are as standardized as possible. Consistent and highly integrated functions reduce the number of components to a minimum. The compact design requires less installation space. The standardized software modules allow for quick startup and service. This reduces the maintenance cost.

DienstleistungenMAXOLUTION® services

From planning support all the way to the documentation – you choose the scope of services.

The following possible applications for SEW-EURODRIVE products are shown in simplified or generalized form. Whether a product is suitable for a specific application or operating condition must be evaluated in advance for each individual case based on the applicable operating instructions.

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