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Functional safety technology from SEW-EURODRIVE

Functional safety technologyWith integrated and modular safety technology from SEW-EURODRIVE, we face the challenges connected to modern safety concepts in order to avoid industrial accidents whilst providing for a flawless and efficient operation.



Practically implemented safety concept

With a complete portfolio of MOVISAFE® components, our drives and frequency inverters provide for all the crucial safe motion functions. Integrated as DFSxxB or DCSxxB option cards in the inverter, or as UCSxxB safety modules, they realize the safety concepts in the control cabinet drive technology.

For decentralized installations, you can use the decentralized MOVIFIT® and MOVIPRO® drive controllers with integrated safety functions.

Shorter downtimes due to selective shutdown, cost reduction due to prefabricated products, and the absence of external protection devices increase the productivity regarding plant construction and operation. The simple integration of safe drive technology in existing safety applications allow for simple retrofitting processes.
The simple connection to the control level via the safe PROFIsafe fieldbus allow for new topologies regarding safety technology with PROFIBUS and PROFINET.