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Industrial gear unit

Industrial gear units
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Industrial gear units

Heavy industrial solutions – Versatile and powerful industrial gear unit solutions

For applications where extremely large torque ratings are required to carry out extremely large movements, we offer the matching industrial gear units. On request, we also offer customized and compact drive packages. Our modular concept helps you optimally match your industrial gear units to a wide range of the most varying applications.

We are always there for you as a competent partner. We support you all the way from process and project planning to commissioning the industrial gear unit solution in your plant. These services are supported by our global service network. This is how you can ensure the reliable completion of all process stages.

Range of industrial gear units

Helical gear units and bevel-helical gear units

The robust X series
The robust X series

Torque MN2 6.8 … 475 kNm, gear ratio 6.3 … 450

Our robust X series industrial gear units are characterized by finely graduated sizes, a comprehensive gear unit concept and various accessory equipment. This series offers torques from 6.8 ... 475 kNm with gear ratios of 6.3 ... 450. The wide range of gear ratios is particularly suited for helical gear units and bevel-helical gear units.

The compact MC series

The compact MC series

Torque MN2 6 … 65 kNm, gear ratio 7.1 … 112

MC series industrial gear units were designed for the low torque range up to 65 kNm. Their single-piece housing allows for horizontal, vertical and upright installation. This means you simply install your industrial gear unit to the machine so it best suits your specific application.

The versatile ML series

The versatile ML series
Torque MN2 180 … 680 kNm, gear ratio 5.6 … 1250

Using ML series industrial gear units, you can reliably operate large machines in the upper torque range of 180 ... 680 kNm. The wide range of industrial gear units allows for mounting various modules to the input or output end.

M1 series – for applications with small gear ratios M1 series – for applications with small gear ratios
Torque MN2 0.51 … 168 kNm, gear ratio 1.25 … 7.1

The single-stage industrial gear units of the M1 series were specifically designed for applications with small gear ratios to meet, in particular, the demands of the paper industry. Industrial gear units of this series are the perfect choice if you want to significantly reduce energy costs.

MACC series – for air cooled capacitors
MACC series – for air cooled capacitors

Torque MN2 21 … 66 kNm, gear ratio 9 … 25

MACC series industrial gear units were specifically designed for air cooled capacitors. Designed as planetary gear unit, this series offers reliable, powerful, quiet, and efficient industrial gear units made of high-quality components.

Planetary gear units

The standardized P series

The standardized P series

Torque MN2 24 ... 631 kNm, gear ratio 100 … 4000

P series industrial gear units are standardized and space-saving planetary gearmotors. Couplings, intermediate flanges and adapter flanges that take up space and increase costs are a thing of the past.

The powerful P.MC series

The powerful P.MC series

Torque MN2 24 … 359 kNm, gear ratio 31.5 … 4000

P.MC series industrial gear units are a combination of planetary gear unit and primary gear unit. The upstream helical gear unit or bevel-helical gear unit are part of the successful MC series industrial gear units.

The specific XP series

The specific XP series
Torque MN2 100 ... 4000 kNm, gear ratio 50 … 3000

XP series industrial gear units are compact planetary gear units for maximum output torques up to 4000 kNm. Higher torques are available on request. XP series industrial gear units are desigend as stand-alone gear unit with free input shaft.

Application industrial gear units

X series – Bucket elevator drives X series – Bucket elevator drives
Torque MN2 6.8 … 270 kNm, gear ratio 28 … 80

Our bucket elevator drives are based on X series industrial gear units. The advantage of these standardized industrial gear unit application solutions is that their components are held on stock. The mounted auxiliary drive is available in the types "empty buckets" or "full buckets".

Drive packages with industrial gear units

Obtain your tailor-made complete industrial gear unit systems with defined additional components to meet your specific needs. Such components include, for instance, motors, couplings, coupling guard, brakes, swing base, and steel constructions.

Your advantage: You obtain your complete industrial gear unit drive package readily assembled from a single source. And you benefit from service from a single source – provided by our global service centers.

Applikationsspezifische Industrielösungen

For you, we produce and assemble industrial gear units and customer-specific drive solutions in Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Germany, Finland, India, Singapore, South Africa and USA.