Our drive: keeping things moving

We keep the world in motion. Every day. For over 90 years now. Whether in conveyor belts, filling systems or container cranes: Our drive technology is a fixture in modern mechanical and plant engineering. We also keep our company moving, and play a key role in setting the course for drive technology. Now and in the future.

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    Our portfolio can meet any requirement

    • MOVI‑C® modular automation system

      MOVI‑C® modular automation system

      Whether you want to implement simple or complex motion control applications: MOVI-C® offers you a complete automation system for end-to-end solutions from one manufacturer. Both single-axis and multi-axis applications can be individually combined depending on your requirements: From planning, startup, operation and diagnostics software, to electronic control and monitoring devices, to the mechanical drive itself - the gearmotor.

    • Gearmotors and inverter technology

      Gearmotors and inverter technology

      Our gear units, motors and gearmotors are available in many sizes and gear ratios. They can be supplied in optional versions such as stainless steel or explosion-proof models, and combined flexibly according to our modular concept. In combination with our inverter technology, these products offer you a perfect drive solution made by SEW-EURODRIVE – tailored to your individual applications and requirements.

    • Industrial gear units

      Industrial gear units

      Our drive systems work under all kinds of extreme conditions, from raw materials extraction and process engineering to the wood and construction industries. Cold, heat, dirt and heavy loads are no match for our sturdy industrial gear units: With input torques of up to 4,000 kNm, they perform even the most difficult tasks with maximum reliability.

    • Decentralized drives and mechatronics

      Decentralized drives

      Do you rely on decentralized installation when planning your system? In that case, our wide range of decentralized technology offers exactly the right solutions for you. Be it a gearmotor with an integrated frequency inverter or a complete mechatronic system: you save energy and reduce costs with our decentralized drive solutions.

    • Servo drive technology

      Servo drive technology

      Our high-performance servo gear units and servomotors are used wherever both force and precision are needed. In combination with appropriate inverter technology, they drive single and multi-axis applications dynamically for precise performance and entire synchronized processes – efficiently and reliably, regardless of the system architecture.

    • Control, operation, software

      Control, operation, software

      Industrial communication, control technology, operator panels, software and other accessories round out our product range. Design your ideal solution, custom-tailored to your machine and system architecture, using the extensive options in our modular system: We are just doing our part to help your systems run smoothly.

    • Energy-efficient and safe

      Energy efficient

      effiDRIVE® energy-saving solutions – energy-efficient drive technology reduces not only use of resources and carbon footprint, but also operating costs. Consult with energy experts. safetyDRIVE safety technology: From safe brakes to secure communication, we offer universal concepts that also allow easy integration into existing machines and systems. Explosion protection – Our products comply with the most important directives and standards worldwide.

    • Factory automation

      Pre-defined solutions

      Based on the principles of Industry 4.0, we have brought automation solutions to the next level. So if you are facing the task of thoroughly automating your production and assembly processes, you require one thing: A reliable partner to help you quickly react to new market requirements in the future. Lay the foundation for your smart factory with a new modular structure and mobile assistance systems as networkers.

    • Automation for the automotive indus

      Tailored solutions

      There is no other industry where production flow is as important as in the automotive industry. In the same way that the vehicles immerse in the digital world with all the electronics and communicative functions, automation solutions must be intelligently, efficiently and comprehensively become part of the manufacturing processes. Mobile assembly assistants, for example, are used as mobile workbenches and allow for optimum human-technology interaction.

    • Machine automation

      Solutions with industrial gear units

      Depending on the industry and application, different requirements must be met for the automation of your machines. With our machine automation solutions that are tailored to your needs, you get reliable, innovative technologies that are quickly available and future-proof – everything from one manufacturer. This guarantees the utmost flexibility regarding changing requests, a high-precision product flow as well as fast startup and intuitive operation.

    • Automotive industry

      Automotive industry

      In automotive production, every minute counts: Manufacturers who produce "just in time" and "just in sequence" cannot afford downtime. This requires flexible, efficient drive solutions and intelligent automation designs. Benefit from our fully integrated drive solutions that have been specifically tailored to your automobile production needs.

    • Transportation & logistics

      Transport and logistics

      Your logistics systems have to move immense quantities of goods every day. System availability is a number one priority. Precise control and finely stepped torques ensure accurate positioning and gentle handling of transported materials. Packages and pallets always arrive safely, reliably and efficiently at their destinations.

    • Beverage industry

      Drive solutions for the beverage industry and liquid bottling

      As beverage companies, our customers constantly have to adjust their systems to new processes, batches and production programs based on changing seasons and markets. Our modular system of drive components, customer-specific system solutions and the fast worldwide availability of our drive technology ensure that their production and filling systems always meet their current requirements.

    • Airport baggage handling

      Airport baggage handling

      In the future, airport operators will have to transport passengers and their baggage even more quickly and efficiently. One contributing factor will be the ability to keep airplane downtimes as short as possible. This is why you should count on us, your experienced system solutions partner. For years now, drive technology "made by SEW-EURODRIVE" has been playing a vital role in ensuring smooth transport and logistics procedures at a host of international airports.

    • Additional industries

      Additional industries

      Wherever effective automation based on dynamic, powerful and precise movements is required, SEW-EURODRIVE is the right partner. Thanks to active communication with our customers and our many years of experience in the field, we have in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of industrial sectors around the world. We are sure to have the right solution for your sector, too.

    • Life Cycle Services

      Life Cycle Services

      With our Life Cycle Services – in addition to our support services – we offer a wide range of supporting resources and tools throughout the entire system's life cycle. This begins in the initial orientation phase and continues all the way through to the operation and modernization of your machinery and systems. No matter at what point of the life cycle you are: We are at your side. As good partners, we are there for you, even when things are going well.

    • Orientation


      Before you invest a lot of money in new systems and machines, we offer advice and assistance. This way, we make sure we are on the right path and, as a good partner, show you everything that is possible. We offer expertise and provide all required information to help you make an easy decision.

    • Planning & engineering

      Planning & engineering

      Co-engineering is our first priority to guarantee optimized planning. You tell us your ideas and requirements and together we develop a drive and automation solution tailored to your application needs. This is possible thanks to experts who are always near. Of course, you can also access all our supporting planning and engineering tools at your workplace via our Online Support customer portal.

    • Procurement & Delivery

      Procurement & Delivery

      You are looking for smooth procurement instead of complicated logistic procedures? With us as your partner, you profit from our comprehensive know-how also in this phase of your system's life cycle. By increasing both speed and quality in dealing with your inquiries and orders, you ensure smooth and more efficient logistical processes.

    • Installation & startup

      Installation & startup

      You want your systems up and running successfully, cost-effectively and on time? Then you require a capable partner to support you during startup. We ensure the functionality of your system by a certified installation of the drive and automation technology. At the same time, we help you optimizing your machine and system processes, decreasing your startup costs and preventing consequential damage.

    • Operation


      The "Operation" phase is the phase that most influences the life cycle costs of your machines and systems. This is why we are there for you – even if everything is running smoothly. We support you to guarantee that your production is reliable and efficient. We are happy to show you where you can further reduce your costs and how to increase the productivity of your system.

    • Modernization


      Not only does the legal and normative framework change with the increased service life of a system. Also the requirements regarding productivity, performance, as well as system and parts availability change. This means modernization of the system – or even just parts of it. Use our expertise for this demanding engineering and service task while we support you step by step as a partner. Our focus is always on maximizing your economic advantages.

    Our stories: experiencing motion

    • Driving the world

      Our corporate video

      As one of the world's leading specialists in the field of drive technology, we keep the world moving every day. And we’ve been doing that for over 80 years. Discover our company in moving images.

    • Get ahead | shape the future | SEW-EURODRIVE

      For more informations about your new job, visit our website

    • Reference: Lindley Corporation S.A.

      Energy efficiency for bottling systems

      Reference video: Lindley Corporation S. A. in Peru

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    Our company: important facts at a glance

    SEW-EURODRIVE has long since expanded beyond the little motor company it started out as. As an owner-operated hidden champion, we developed into a global leader in the production of drive technology – a real global family business.

    > 20 000 employees

    > 20 000 employees

    Over 900 engineers and around 6800 researchers, some 250 trainees and students, many thousands of employees in development, production and sales worldwide: They are people with a real drive who work to ensure that SEW-EURODRIVE delivers the solutions its customers need.

    > 3.6 billion € in sales (2021)

    3.6 billion € in sales (2021)

    A business that sells as much as we do also has a great deal of responsibility. SEW-EURODRIVE actively accepts this responsibility with a clear commitment to inclusion and diversity, fair treatment of partners and suppliers, and efficient use of resources.

    52 countries

    52 countries

    With 17 production plants and 88 Drive Technology Centers, SEW-EURODRIVE is always there for its customers on all continents. We offer fast availability, short delivery times and personal, on-site support across the globe.

    Over 90 years of experience

    Over 90 years of experience

    In 1931, Christian Pähr founded a company called Süddeutsche Elektromotorenwerke (Southern German electric motor works). What started out as a garage workshop in the Baden region is now a global technology company. We could not have gotten this far without a great deal of passion and hard work. And the expertise we built up over the years.

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    DriveGate login and download

    DriveGate Login


    Use the DriveGate® online platform, your portal for a variety of process solutions. Here you can directly inquire and order the parts you need. Processing is carried out directly by the responsible sales employee who is, of course, always available if you have any questions.

    Link to documentation, software, CAD

    Documentation, software, CAD

    Do you require CAD data, product data, software or the right technical documentation for your product or project? Simply download the necessary material.

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